Quality, consistency and respect

Pharmacor is an Australian-grown and operated company that has quickly become one of the top competitors in the fast-growing generic medicine market. Established in 2007, Pharmacor provides a wide range of medicines to Australian pharmacies and hospitals. Our partnership with Alkem Laboratories and other leading global suppliers has granted us success in rapidly growing our offering of generic prescriptions and over-the-counter medicines.

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Environmental Responsibility

Pharmacor is passionate about protecting the environment. We make sure to take the correct steps to minimise the environmental impact of our business, activities, and products over their lifecycle. We work to reduce packaging waste, encourage recycling, and promote the appropriate disposal of different types of materials. 

Alkem Laboratories, our parent company and manufacturer, is certified with Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2015. To minimise environmental impact, Alkem’s operations efficiently conserve resources such as energy, water and raw materials; plus, every attempt is made to reduce emissions and waste. As part of its commitment to sustainable development, the Company emphasises on the 3R principle: Reuse, Reduce, Recycle.

Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) are completed before commencement of any operation, with initiatives regularly undertaken for reducing carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions. Key initiatives are the recycling of waste water, recovery of water condensate, installation of solar panels, and other various energy conservation measures. For more information, visit Alkem Laboratories

What we stand for

To become the leader in providing first-to-market generics to Australian patients. To accomplish this, we are working diligently with our research and development partners to ensure timely access to high quality generic medicines.

A sustainable and equitable healthcare system which ensures all Australian’s have timely access to affordable generic medicines. We trust in achieving this vision through our committed professional team and our trusted partners in community pharmacy. 

Pharmacor recognises our five most important values that underpin our business and will guide us towards achieving our mission and vision;

Trust in our brand and reputation amongst consumers, healthcare professionals and suppliers.
Ambition to challenge the status quo and become the leader in providing new generic medicines ahead of our competition.
Quality ingrained within our culture, from manufacturing to customer satisfaction.
Collaboration with our partners to support their business growth.
Diversity amongst our employees, ensuring our business thrives in our dynamic environment.
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Pharmacor is a proud subsidiary of Alkem Laboratories, benefitting from their several decades of experience, global reach in over 50 countries, 21 facilities, and 6 research and development centres.